Where we're based

The company is based in the rural village of Burghclere, a few miles from Watership Down, close to the borders of Berkshire and Hampshire in the UK.

The spacious site is fully geared towards distribution of remote controls with substantial office, storage and picking/packing areas.

Our Team

The company has around 20 members of staff, fulfilling a wide array of functions in support of our remote control activities.

The website is maintained by a small team of web developers and technical staff who are continuously developing new remote controls and regularly update the database of cross-references behind the site.

In our sales department, we have another team of staff devoted to processing customer orders, answering customer queries and sourcing hard-to-find remotes on their behalf.

Our stores staff are responsible for picking and packing your orders along with the careful warehousing of stock in our temperature-controlled storage areas.

As a relatively small company, we can be very flexible and our staff are more than used to wearing more than one hat at once! The team really works together and hopefully any experience you have of dealing with us will be a pleasant one.

Our Remote Controls

Here at the Remote Controls Shop, we sell only replacement or original remote controls. By far, the biggest selling class of remote control is the replacment remote control.

Replacement remote controls are functionally equivalent remotes which usually will be set in a generic case style which will differ from that of an original remote control. The economies of scale involved in producing a wide array of functionally different remotes but using one generic case style, make it viable to produce these items and stock them on-site. The generic case styles used by our manufacturers are thoroughly tested to be reliable and hard wearing - usually moreso than the one-off designs often used in original remote controls.

Original remote controls should be both functionally and visualy equivalent to the remotes they replace. The major downside to original remotes is availability. Originals are often produced in small volumes, with a smaller number of "spares" kept back for servicing requirements. Both pricing, lead time and availability tend to be driven by the original manufacturer of the appliance and this varies considerably!