Replacement Remotes

Priced at £15.99

Our replacement remotes are specifically manufactured for a huge range of TV models. The TV market is fast paced, with new technology and models released by major brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG every year.

It’s important to us that replacement parts are available for older and obscure TV’s, and if you’re reading this – you might have found you can no longer source another original remote for your TV.

Budget brands such as Technika, Bush, e-Motion and Ferguson can be even more challenging to source a replacement for – but we aim to cover as many models as possible with our replacement remotes.

Our replacement remotes are made by Classic, a German company that has been manufacturing remote controls and power supplies for over 20 years.

All our Classic branded replacement remotes are produced to the highest standards with excellent build quality. Whilst it may look different to your original, the quality of our replacement remotes means they will most likely outlast your TV! They’re provided with a 12-month full guarantee too, for peace of mind.

Finally, they’re affordable too and present excellent value in comparison with sourcing a used or new original remote which can be expensive due to limited availability. All our remotes are priced at £15.99 with free UK delivery.

Replacement Remote Controls Pros and Cons


  1. Purpose built for your device with no programming or codes
  2. All the functions of your original remote (including mute, options, subtitles and more)
  3. Hardwearing with excellent build quality
  4. Affordable and cheaper than a new original remote


  1. Different in look and layout to an original remote
  2. You need to know your model number to order the correct one

Universal Remotes

Varies from £10 - £30

We don’t sell Universal Remotes here at the Remote Controls Shop as we feel the simplicity of a replacement remote made specifically for your TV offers the quickest and easiest way to get your TV back up and running.

A universal remote is a generic remote that comes with a list of Brand codes that can be entered to program it for a TV.

Say for instance you have a Logik TV. The booklet accompanying the universal remote may have a number of ‘codes’ you can enter for Logik TV’s. You’ll enter a code, then test whether it works with your TV before moving onto the next one.

Once you’ve added a code that allows the universal remote to control your TV, you should be able to use its basic functions such as volume, channel, and sources.

The downside of a universal remote is that for many TV’s, extra features such as the mute button, subtitles, and arrow buttons (for menus) may not work.

Universal Remote Controls Pros and Cons


  1. Affordable and cheaper than a new original remote
  2. Should work with multiple TV’s (after reprogramming each time)


  1. Codes must be manually entered
  2. Not guaranteed to work with your device
  3. Not all buttons or functions may work depending on your device
  4. Build quality varies by type

Which is right for you?

At a similar price point for both types of remote, we’d always recommend going with a replacement remote that’s designed specifically for your TV.

On our site you’ll find our smart search a great way to look up the exact replacement remote for your device.

All you need is the model number for your device, which is usually found on a sticker at the back of the set, or in your remote manual.

Search for your device

If in the unlikely case we're not able to provide a replacement, a universal remote may be worth a try.

As always, if you have any queries you can contact our friendly telephone support on 01635 278 678 or send an e-mail enquiry.